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An accessible, or ADA-compliant*, website can be used by those with visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive impairments. Website accessibility best practices apply to how the site is built, its appearance, and its content. Implementing accessibility best practices can help with SEO and can improve the user experience for everyone using your website.

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Website Accessibility Testing and Resolution

Elevage Digital follows the current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards when testing your website. We use a combination of automated and manual testing methods to identify issues that make it hard for people to view your website or access your website with screen readers, keyboards, and other assistive technology.

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Common issues include:

  • Insufficient color contrast
  • Missing alt text for images
  • Missing form field labels
  • Ambiguous Link Text (i.e. “Read More”)
  • No indication that links open a new window
  • Missing HTML heading tags or tags that are out of sequence
  • Media without captioning and/or transcript
  • Incorrect tab order
  • Certain implementations of captchas, accordions, and carousels
  • Improperly coded navigation menus

After auditing your website, we will review with you our findings and help you make a plan to fix all identified issues. Elevage Digital can help with remediation or you can work with another designer/developer. Remediation may require updates to content, colors, fonts, themes, templates, and/or plugins in order to fix issues.

In addition to remediation, we can help you add an accessibility statement to your site. This statement explains which WCAG standard level the site meets, how it was tested, any known issues, and how users can contact you if they encounter a problem.

Lastly, we can train your website staff on how to maintain compliance as you add new content and features to your site.

Audit Details

As part of a standard audit, we will test the following:

  • Global Header and Footer
  • Homepage
  • 1 Standard Content page (i.e About Us)
  • 1 Standard Form page (i.e. Contact Us)
  • For e-commerce sites, the following will also be tested:
    • Main Store Page
    • Singular Product Page
    • Shopping Cart and Checkout pages
  • For non-e-commerce sites, the following will be tested:
    • 2-3 pages that represent different types of content and interactive features on the site.

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Elevage Digital uses current WCAG standards as the guide for website accessibility best practices. However, following these best practices may not automatically result in an ADA-compliant website or compliance with any other laws. Elevage Digital cannot offer legal advice on compliance. Elevage Digital cannot guarantee protection against legal action related to compliance with ADA guidelines for Elevage Digitals’ potential and current customers. Elevage Digital will not be liable for any claims brought against potential or current clients related to ADA compliance; further, Elevage Digital will not be liable for claims related to code or content produced by you or any third party. If you are concerned about legal compliance with ADA guidelines or any other legalities related to your website, you must consult a licensed attorney.

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