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Website Accessibility Remediation

Elevage Digital can help with remediating website accessibility issues that are found on your site. We are experienced with fixing issues on WordPress and Wix sites and we have trusted partners experienced with remediation on Shopify sites. If your site is built with another platform, we can advise your web development team on how to address any issues.  We can also retest once those changes have been made.

Remediation may require updates to content, colors, fonts, themes, templates, and/or plugins in order to fix issues and it may take several months to complete this work.

Divi Theme Remediation

Is your WordPress website built using the Divi theme and page builder? If so, Elevage Digital has created a custom plugin and template updates specifically to fix accessibility issues that exist in the core Divi theme. Additional remediation is still required to fix issues that exist within your content and color selections.

Ongoing Monitoring and Remediation

Website accessibility is not a “once and done” process. It requires constant adherence to accessibility standards with each new piece of content and functionality that is added to your site. Elevage Digital can provide monthly monitoring and accessibility remediation services to help you maintain ADA*, Section 508, and WCAG compliance.

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Elevage Digital uses current WCAG standards as the guide for website accessibility best practices. However, following these best practices may not automatically result in an ADA-compliant website or compliance with any other laws. Elevage Digital cannot offer legal advice on compliance. Elevage Digital cannot guarantee protection against legal action related to compliance with ADA guidelines for Elevage Digitals’ potential and current customers. Elevage Digital will not be liable for any claims brought against potential or current clients related to ADA compliance; further, Elevage Digital will not be liable for claims related to code or content produced by you or any third party. If you are concerned about legal compliance with ADA guidelines or any other legalities related to your website, you must consult a licensed attorney.

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