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SEO Strategy & Research

Want to drive more traffic to your website and increase sales? Want to increase visibility for your business? Want to figure out why your competitors get more traffic? Elevage Digital can provide answers to these questions and show you how you can increase your search engine rankings.

SEO Audits

The first step in improving your search rankings is to conduct a full SEO Audit of your current site. An SEO audit will include the following:

  • An initial discovery session to understand your SMARTEST goals, who your competitors are, and your current content creation and marketing processes
  • A review of your current rankings and site traffic, including traffic sources and top keywords
  • A full crawl and review of your current content including meta-data and links
  • A technical SEO review to look for errors that can impact a search engine’s ability to crawl and index your site
  • Testing and identifying issues related to your site’s page speed and core web vitals
  • A review and analysis of the sites that link to your content
  • An analysis of how your site rankings, traffic, and backlinks compare to your top 3 competitors

After we have completed the audit, we will present our complete findings and recommendations with a prioritized plan of next steps.

Keyword and Competitor Research

Are you working on a new piece of content for your website? Elevage Digital can prepare a content brief that will include a list of keywords, search intent, and a proposed outline for your topic so that you can create content that is helpful and will stand out from the crowd.

Do you want to target a new keyword that your competitor ranks for? Elevage Digital can provide recommendations for which keywords to incorporate into your content to capture new business and pull traffic away from your competitors.

Information Architecture and Site Planning

Are you planning to re-design your website? You need to include SEO thinking from the beginning, not at the end of the project. Elevage Digital can assist in your site planning and information architecture development before the first design is created or the first template is built.

Information architecture is the blueprint for how the content on your site is structured, organized, and labeled. Good information architecture will help search engines crawl and understand your site, which leads to higher rankings. Information architecture deliverables include:

  • Content Audits
  • Sitemaps and navigation plans
  • Content Types, Custom Fields, Categories and Taxonomies
  • Schema markup for specific page types
  • Internal linking plans

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