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SEO Content Optimization

Want to optimize your existing website content or integrate SEO best practices into a new website? Elevage Digital can make sure your page content structure and meta-data are optimized for overall readability and user experience.

Internal Linking

Linking internal site pages to each other with relevant keywords can help search engines crawl your site and understand how your pages relate to each other. Orphan pages without links are less likely to rank well. Elevage Digital can create a plan for how best to link up your site pages for improved crawlability.

Search Intent

When someone enters a term or phrase into a search engine, they have a specific intent – find information, compare options, or make a transaction. These intents mirror the typical customer journey. Search engines have worked hard to understand what type of information a person is looking for based on their word choice. Content that matches that intent will rank higher. Is your content aligned with search intent?

Elevage Digital can help you better match your content to search intent and make sure you have content that is optimized for each step in your customer’s journey.

Optimization for Google Search Generative Experience (SGE)

Google is currently testing a tool called Search Generative Experience or SGE to deliver AI-generated results to certain types of search queries. While this technology is new and still evolving, there are some tactics you can use to get your content included in these results. Being included in SGE results doesn’t make sense for every site. Elevage Digital can work with you to determine if this is a good strategy or not for your organization.

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